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How Can An Apprenticeship Program Benefit Your Business?

Skilled WorkForce

Tap strategies to recruit and develop a skilled workforce to intentionally grow your business.

Improve Productivity

Use training as a strategy to improve the productivity of employees to grow your bottom line.

Continuous Improvement

Leverage the Learning Management System to deploy ongoing skills gap training for employees.

Standardized Training

Get every employee on the same page, learning the same thing every time, without exception.

Workforce Retention Strategy

Because of what they’ve learned, 94% of apprentices continue employment after training.

Diverse Talent Pool

Get access to a diverse and vetted talent pool who are looking for long-term career strategy instead of just a job.

Why Become an Apprentice

The Automotive Sales Apprenticeship Program (ASAP) offers qualified applicants – paid, relevant training and industry experience to develop the skills that are in high demand in dealerships today. The US Department of Labor states that “94% of apprentices who complete an apprenticeship retain employment” and can expect to earn an average of $70,000 annually.

The Automotive Sales Apprenticeship Program offers dealer partners a comprehensive workforce solution to recruit, train and develop talent.

The Automotive Sales Apprenticeship Program offers candidates the tools and resources to successfully start an accredited career in sales.

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Apprenticeship Program Tools

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Here’s what our dealership partners get

Access to a Dedicated Learning Management System to Deliver Training

Access to a Library of Industry Specific Skills Gap Training Content

Access to Weekly Training Sessions with a Certified
K-Method Instructor

Access to Our Private Virtual Training Sessions in Our Zoom Virtual Classroom